Workshops, Teaching and Lectures

Since 2020 I’m offering regulary workshops on film-choreography and was teaching at two different universities in Berlin, on place as well as online.

My workshop Arranging Movement in Film is designed for a small group of participants (about 10 persons) that allows to incorporate and interweave the interests and knowledge of each single person. It serves as a platform for inspiration and intense exchange and supports the participants to sharpen their own ideas and artistic approach. Find below a more detailed description of the workshop and upcoming dates.

In case of interest either to partcipate or to host a workshop feel free to contact me.

Upcoming Dates

Arranging Movement in Film – Workshop on Film-Choreography
On-site Workshop at DOCK 11, Berlin

25.04. – 29.04.2022
Arranging Movement in Film –
Online Morning Class on Film-Choreography

Workshop Description

Movement seems to be the crucial common point between choreography and cinematography. But how can physical and cinematic movements be arranged, composed, and interwoven with each other?

We will discover the various methods and strategies which can be used to connect dance and film through a close and precise study of selected dance films and texts. By analysing the genesis, processes, and methods used in our examples, we will learn more about what I refer to as film-choreographic compositions.

The workshop is divided in four sessions, each accompanied by a selection of films, texts and small hands-on exercises. The aim is to provide historical and conceptual knowledge on the hybrid film format, and to support the participants in the development and enhancement of their own ideas for dance films.